The Electric Cowboys are proud Spokesmodels of Confidently Ready by Josie Passantino

The Electric Cowboys are a Country Music force, and group of talented musicians that have been rocking audiences and packing venues all over! With "Modern Country song of the year", and "Best live Band" awards under their belt, this group of Texas natives (whom got their start on the Southside of San Antonio), are sure to get your head bopping, and your feet stompin' with catchy, melodic rhythms, and lyrics. After being on tours with "First tier" artists such as The Dixie Chicks, The Electric Cowboys are now headlining their own tour. Rock on! 
 "With a hectic musician lifestyle, as well as always being in the public eye.... it's important that we always look our best! And our best is Confidently Ready hair products. All day... every day" 
- Jason (TEC) Check out the Confidently Ready website here.